Bushkill Bee Vac

The last bee vac you will ever need


  • Not happy with the functioning of the standard box in a box design bee vac?
  • Frustrated with getting the bees back out of the screened inner box?
  • Tired of having to change or empty cages in the middle of a removal?
  • Disappointed loosing bees to overheating?
  • Wouldn’t it be great to merge cut-out brood and queen back with colony right on site?

Then stop stressing yourself out with other bee vacs, get a Bushkill Bee Vac Today!

Preferred by Pros

Endorsed by the Wildlife Pro Network and used by nuisance wildlife professionals more than any other bee vac.

Eco Friendly

In an effort to reduce our impact on the environment, we use locally grown, harvested, and naturally dried pine. Read more…

Proven Design

Designed by beekeeper for beekeepers.  Years of experience and enhancements.  Hundreds in use all across the US.

Bushkill Bee Vac Owner Map

New satisfied users every day!

* Bushkill bee vac price is for base unit and assumes you have a wet/dry shop vac and hive bodies.  If you need to purchase a vacuum to use,  figure adding an additional $100 – $120 depending on which vacuum you buy.

** Availability of Owens bee vacs are unknown after closing of Brushy Mountain Bee Supply.