In remembrance of a good friend Robb Russell, I have archived all the beekeeping podcasts from the Wildlife Pro Network. Although not a beekeeper per se, Robb had a great respect for honeybees and their importance. Robb was the driving force behind bringing nuisance wildlife professionals into the bee removal business and saving honeybees from exterminators. Robb was a very knowledgeable guy, who mentored many of folks, and was only a phone call away when you needed advice. We all lost a great resource when Robb passed away and many will sorely miss him. Godspeed Robb 🙂


DateDurationTitleGuestListen Now!
09/19/131:42:59How to Start a Bee Removal BusinessDavid McLeod – Georgia Wildlife Services
Rob McKay – Wildlife Abatement LLC
David Schmidt – All Out Wildlife Control
04/14/131:51:32Bee Swarm TrappingRob Overton – Bushkill Farmsicon_pod
04/15/121:59:01Bee Accupuncture : Amber Rose ReturnsDr. Amber Rose
Author of Bee in Balance
03/18/121:33:30Africanized Bee Removal ExperiencesAnthony Del Campoicon_pod
02/19/121:45:32Why Live Honey Bee Removal?David McLeod – Georgia Wildlife Servicesicon_pod
01/15/122:44:07Raising and Rearing Queen Bees
Rob Overton – Bushkill Farmsicon_pod
05/26/111:19:12Bee Predators & Pests : How To Protect Your HiveRob Overton – Bushkill Farmsicon_pod
02/17/111:17:32How & When To Inspect Your Bee HivesDavid Burns – Long Lane Honey Bee Farmsicon_pod
01/23/111:58:31Bee Removal As A Professional ServiceRob Overton – Bushkill Farmsicon_pod
01/20/110:57:04How To Install A Bee package: Shake, Rattle & RollDavid Burns – Long Lane Honey Bee Farmsicon_pod
12/16/102:05:38What The Bees Do In & Out Of The HiveDavid Burns – Long Lane Honey Bee Farmsicon_pod
11/18/101:24:29The Honey Bee: Know Your BeesDavid Burns – Long Lane Honey Bee Farmsicon_pod
10/21/101:09:59Beekeeping: Where Do I Put My Hive?David Burns – Long Lane Honey Bee Farmsicon_pod
09/16/101:15:28Intro to Beekeeping: Equipment Part IIDavid Burns – Long Lane Honey Bee Farmsicon_pod
08/19/101:30:24Intro to Beekeeping: Equipment Part IDavid Burns – Long Lane Honey Bee Farmsicon_pod
07/22/100:50:28Beekeeping 4 Pleasure – Beekeeping for Profiticon_pod
06/17/102:03:25Native Wildflowers and Bee Friendly PlantsGrace Mathews
Master Gardener
05/13/100:59:15Boy Scouts of America
Beekeeping Merit Badge
Christopher Stowellicon_pod
04/08/101:48:30Screened Bottom Boards
Parffin Dipping Equipment
Janet Brisson – Country Rubes’ Farmicon_pod
03/11/103:01:07Bee AcupuntureDr. Amber Rose
Author of Bee in Balance
Elements Questionnaire
02/11/102:34:53Preparing for Bee Swarming SeasonOpen Discussionicon_pod
01/14/101:40:32Sustainable Beekeeping, Queen
Rearing & Overwintering
David & Sheri Burns
Long Lane Honey Bee Farms
12/10/091:11:34Making Products from the Hive
Soap, Lip Balm, & Body Butter
Monica Warner – The Carolina Bee Companyicon_pod
11/15/091:10:40Oasis at High Springs
ancient bee exhibits
Dr. Ed Bez, Biblical Botanical Gardens Societyicon_pod
11/12/092:07:45Top Bar Hives
Bee Guardianship
Corwin Bell – BackYardHive.comicon_pod
10/08/090:56:06Honey Processing
Maxant Industries
Jake Heinemann – Theodore Maxanticon_pod
09/10/092:43:30Small Hive Beetles
Freeman Beetle Trap
Jerry Freeman
Linda Tillman
07/23/091:21:17Ancient Egyptians and BeekeepingDr. Ed Bez, archaeologisticon_pod
06/28/091:06:51Birds and Bees from the Ancient World of the BibleDr. Ed Bez, archaeologisticon_pod
06/11/091:44:58The Honey StandardNancy Gentryicon_pod
05/14/092:12:12Swarms and Bee RemovalsRobert Evans, Rob Overton, Steve Prince, Wally Swaimicon_pod
04/16/092:12:44The Beekeepers #3Robert Evansicon_pod
03/19/091:54:37Beekeepers IIRobert Evansicon_pod
01/22/092:00:27The BeekeepersRobert Evansicon_pod
07/31/081:48:02Trapping Honey Bees By The NumbersRobert Evansicon_pod