Eco-Friendly Bee Vac Design

In an effort to reduce our impact on the environment, we use locally grown, harvested, and naturally dried pine for the majority of our vacuum. This greatly reduces the impact on the environment over using commercially harvested, kiln-dried, long distance transported materials.  All plywood pieces are made from 100% plantation and sustainable hardwoods and contain absolutely no tropical hardwoods and therefore does not impact the world’s rain forests.

We also do our best to reduce waste and therefore, discolorations, knots, and minor imperfections in the wood are likely. No knots or imperfections are in any critical areas of the bee vac, and none will impact the functionality. Our vac would be considered commercial grade woodenware.

Typical bee vac appearance:

typical appearance
typical appearance
typical appearance front

All corners are rabbet joints, glued with exterior water proof glue, and stapled for added strength.

rabbet joint

Our bee vacs are built using quality construction methods and will provide many years of service if not subjected to abuse.