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Shipped to you directly from major Slovenian hive manufacturer.  Price includes shipping to the contiguous US and Canada. Hive will be shipped to Billing Address.  Please contact us for shipping to other areas.  Although hives can arrive as quickly as 7 days, many factors play into the shipment from Slovenia,  so please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.   Tracking information will be provided.

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Product Description

Hives are made from high quality kiln-dried spruce and assembled with non-toxic water resistant glue and screw fasteners.  Superior craftsmanship with machined joints.  Arrives sanded and ready for paint.

Hives are of the standard 20 frames design (also available in 7 and 30 frame sizes) with a removable queen excluder between upper and lower sets of frames.  Includes internal feeder made of pine and water resistant MDF.  Small screened entrance eliminates chances of drowning bees.  Hives also included integrate varroa screen bottoms with slide out tray.

Upper and lower front entrances with entrance reducer and block.   Lower entrance has hinged landing board that allows for easy closing and has screened hole to provide ventilation when closed.

Rear door has upper and lower hinged sections that allow for adjustment of ventilation.   Door easily lifts off hinges for removal and allows for complete ventilation while moving hive.

Does not include foundation for frames.  Standard deep Langstroth foundation (plastic or wax) can be cut to fit frames and leaves about 1″ gap at bottom for bees to fill with comb size of their choice.  Or start guides can be added to top of frames for foundationless set-up.

Just paint, add foundation and bees.

Hive Dimensions: (H x W x L)
7 Frame Nuc – 35cm x 30.5cm x 61cm
2 Story Hive – 61cm x 41cm x 61cm
3 Story Hive – 91cm x 41cm x 61cm

Frame Dimensions: (H x W x L)
260mm x 25mm x 410mm

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2 Story Hive, 3 Story Hive, 7 Frame Nuc

Extra Frames (no foundation)

Yes, No

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