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star-onstar-onstar-onstar-onstar-on I just received the 3 story Slovenian hive I ordered from you feb 18. I am so happy with it. It came as described, excellent workmanship, with 10 extra frames free! And it came so fast! Only 1 week wow! Shipped from Slovenia! 🙂 I am new to bee keeping, will be receiving my bees end of April. I decided on this style for several reasons, no heavy lifting ect… And cant wait to get started! We will be building a bee house for it also. I will absolutely recommend you to anyone interested in this style and order another one when ready for expanding 🙂 Thank you again Tami

Admin note:Tami did order and pay for the extra frames.


Beowawe, NV

star-onstar-onstar-onstar-onstar-on I couldn’t be more pleased with my BeeVac order. From the speedy shipping to the top shelf craftsmanship and overall design, top to bottom this system is just what the doctor ordered. I took it on it’s maiden voyage a few days ago and am please to say that the recovery was very successful. The bee loss was very minimal and the amount left behind even fewer. Visit my website and click on ” Canterbury Hill – Bee Relocation Photos” for a full series of photos (taken by the home owner). I can see where it may be handy to have an extra cut-out shim for larger colonies and I’ll be adding a few coats of clear to protect the wood, but all in all, I couldn’t be happier – especially for the price! Thanks again Robo, GD

GD Rankin

South Texas, The Bee Place

star-onstar-onstar-onstar-onstar-on I researched bee vacs before deciding on the Bushkill Beevac and I am glad I found this model. Shortly after purchasing the vac I used it for an extraction from under a crawl space of a house. I was asked to help this extraction from members of our local bee club. After the others saw how easy set up was and the use of the vac they wanted to know where to get one. Since that extraction I seem to be the one to call. I have done several since then with the help of other club members and everyone loves my beevac. I also use it for swarm removal to collect and relocate swarms in someones yard. It is great because you get 99% of the bees and you don’t have a cloud of bees in the air that you have when you shake bees from a branch. It is great for those swarms that collect in bushes that have small close together branches that make it impossible to shake the bees from. One of my best Bee purchases since I got into beekeeping!

John Long

Belle Haven, VA

star-onstar-onstar-onstar-onstar-on Here is the story on that day of April 8, 2014. My friends, Mike and Jenny live in a neighboring city. They are moving the end of this month to Idaho. They have a very large oak tree trunk, laying sideways in their backyard. Mike thought he would cut up some of that nice oak wood to take with him. He is an artist and also uses wood as a medium. When he sawed into it, a bunch of bees flew out. Long story short, Jenny contacted me and asked if I would like to try to get the bees out of there. So, my friend Mike, another beekeeper went out that day and Bee-Vac’d those furry little girls outa there and to my bee spot up in the hills! They are thriving and very happy…and so am I! :) Saving bees where ever and when ever I can! Ah, the Bee Vac makes the work so much easier!

Margie Knapp

Temecula, CA

star-onstar-onstar-onstar-onstar-on Worked out great. Got bee’s out of a firemans living room wall. Design is so user friendly. The very first time I used it, I didn’t have any trouble adjusting the vacuum and didn’t lose any bees. Great product and a must for any bee rescue. Thanks for a great product.

William Taylor

Ennis, Texas

star-onstar-onstar-onstar-onstar-on What a well thought out design for a bee vac! I am a rather new and passionate beekeeper. It’s September and a municipal agency had decided it had to destroy three large honeybee colonies in a deserted, falling down building built during World War II. My friend (also new to beekeeping) and I decided we had to take them out. The ONLY way we could do it was with a bee vac. The Bee Vac worked great especially after we created a seal between our stacked westerns. The ability to adjust the amount of suction made it possible for us to use the lowest possible force. And the middle shim with the screen is just plain BRILLIANT! It worked exactly as it was supposed to! I just can’t come up with enough superlatives. Every bee club in America should see this product. It’s a win-win situation. Great for the beekeeper and great for the bees!

Claire Moody

Tillamook, Oregon

star-onstar-onstar-onstar-onstar-off I am happy that someone is working to provide specialized equipment for the Bee buziness. There is a long way to go. My beevac is soooo important, however, I really need something that is smaller and more compact, less cumbersome, as sometimes my partner and I need to do our bee vacuuming at heights and conditions that require light weight, etc. Here’s hoping for the a better future for our bees and the people who guard them. Thank you.

Lisa M Tovar-Trujillo

Phelan, California, Beeloved

star-onstar-onstar-onstar-onstar-on Hello, i noticed that this product didnt have a review on it so i wanted to step up to the plate and write one. I ordered it and was amazed at how it shipped out on the same day. It must be a smaller company with good customer service. Now the quality of the beevac was great as well. Good craftsmanship on the wood work and im sure that it will work out just fine for me. I haven’t used it yet due to me wanting to paint it first. The ONLY thing i didn’t like was the doublesided tape they install at the factory. I had this on my old vac and its a pain in the butt to remove all the sticky stuff (cause you will due to it tearing from time to time) i just wish they would have put it in the box for IF you wanted to use it, you could. AGAIN I’m not complaining. By design this vac will save 1000’s of bees each and every time i use it.

Michael Flowers Jr.

star-onstar-onstar-onstar-onstar-on I was trying to remove bees the old way, open the wall, floor etc etc then scrape the brood wax out while looking for the queen. Not much success, some but a lot of “work” with little amount of bees. I saw the BeeVac on you tube one day while surfing for information. I watched the video several times and told my partner about it. He just shrugged it off. I ordered the BeeVac and watched the video several more times once i received it in the mail just to be sure i knew how to work it. The first hive we removed using the BeeVac was good not great. Had a lot of killed bees in the bottom. Again with the second hive, a lot of dead bees. I e-mailed BeeVac and ask what i was doing wrong. He informed me that the pressure (suction) was too high and the bees were being killed by slamming against the wall and to adjust to barely sucking bees off the comb. I did this on the next hive. After 6 removals we have used the BeeVac with “great” success. Very few if any dead bees upon completion of the removal. It is far more easier and better than the “box in a box” type that i used in the past. I WOULD RECOMMEND BEE VAC TO ANYONE THAT REMOVES BEES FROM WALLS, FLOORS, TREES ANYTHING. We love it and “will” buy another when needed

Frank Higgins

Commerce, Texas, Texas Bee Wranglers

star-onstar-onstar-onstar-onstar-on Works Great I have done 5 cutouts, 4 houses and a tree. I would not attempt it without the (Bushkill beevac) We killed a few extra bees till I figured out slowly on the cut-out shim.

Woodrow Cornell

Palmyra, Indiana

star-onstar-onstar-onstar-onstar-on I built my own bee vac last year using an old tupperware tote. It worked poorly, especially when it was very hot, or very cold, and I was very disappointed. I decided to buy a Bushkill Bee Vac this year and I have never looked back. I use all 8 frame medium equipment and the 8 framd model was great. I have used this vac for several cut outs without any problems. I have had mimimal amounts of dead bees in the vac when I emptied it and I can’t be sure if they died during the vac process or if I may have sucked in a few dead ones from the cut out. I have added a video to this for your review and this vac was the perfect way to get this swarm off of the wire framed container they were on. The homeowner had tried to brush the bees, and had ended up getting soundly stung until she gave up. She then places an empty hive body with frames of foundation hoping they would go into that hive body, but they weren’t interested in any way. The bee vac absolutely did the trick and this swarm was given a new home without any problems. I would absolutely recommend this vac to anyone who is planning on removing bees on a regular basis. I get numerous comments on the bee vac and I always enjoy talking to people about the bee vac and the amazing honeybee. Thanks Bushkill for making a solid product I can absolutely count on every time I need it.

Ben Schlenker

Jackson, MI, Ole Bearz Bees

star-onstar-onstar-onstar-onstar-on Hello there. I recently received my Bee Vac and was very excited when it arrived. I am fairly new to beekeeping, but have already completed a couple removals and have several removals pending which will need the use of a bee vac. So, after getting the bee vac, I immediately painted it and got it looking great. A couple of days later I took it to a double hive removal at a residence in Bossier City where it did a fantastic job. I still have some learning to do as far as setting the vacuum level, but it worked well and I am looking forward to using it again on my next removal. Thanks again and I hope this helps someone decide to make the purchase as well.

W. Green

Bossier City, LA

star-onstar-onstar-onstar-onstar-on This beevac design is far superior to others on the market. You have the option of loads of power or a gentle nudge to get the bees in the hive body. I have been able to remove numerous hives out of walls and relocated swarms with mine. It is the Bee’s Knees!

Rob McKay

Nuisance Wildlife ControlShreveport, Louisiana, Wildlife Abatement, LLC

star-onstar-onstar-onstar-onstar-on Used the Bushkill BeeVac this weekend and could not ask for better! Worked GREAT!

Terri Bowman


star-onstar-onstar-onstar-onstar-on I am brand new to the bee extracting business. I purchased your vac based on your video and comments on other vacs. It turned out to be a GREAT decision! On my first and second jobs it performed perfectly. VERY few bees were killed in the process, in fact the dead bees I found on the bottom board were probably vacuumed off the floor already dead. I am a huge fan and hope to come up and meet you some day. Nice job. I couldn’t be happier with the vac.


New Jersey

star-onstar-onstar-onstar-onstar-on My dad used to tell me, “Anyone can get a job done 95% correct. But it takes an extra attention to detail and a lot of hard work to get that extra 5%.” The folks at BushKill must have know my dad, because their beevac has the extra 5%.

James Hale

Frankfort KY

star-onstar-onstar-onstar-onstar-on A fantastic Bee Vac, worked great, no Bees killed. I even added a second deep box during the removal with no issues. Easy transition to the hive.

Bob Griffin


star-onstar-onstar-onstar-onstar-on The Beevac is easy to assemble and it works great. I tried removing some bees with a brush and a bowl out of an out building for a friend. I only got about half of the bees, I found the Bushkill Beevac online and ordered one. I went back and got all of the bees. My package bee order got cancelled this year and I have been looking for bees. The beevac paid for itself after one use. The fact that you can collect bees and leave them in the beevac for a day or so is great. I didn’t get home until 10:00 pm the first that I used it. It was so nice to leave them in the basement until I could remove the vacuum and install a bottom and top. Thank you Rob for designing and building such a good product.

George T. Reid III

Fair Play, SC

star-onstar-onstar-onstar-onstar-on Bought this vacuum in 2013 and have used it three times. I love the ease of operation! I also love the thought that went into the design. Down to this smallest features, this vacuum was designed with a lot of planning. It is impressive and it makes me feel good to spend money on a piece of equipment with excellent engineering in the design. The fact that you are using a standard hive body for your capture adds an element of ease when it comes to the relocation of your capture. No shaking your bees out of a bucket or transferring from another box. It is simple to transfer your bees to their new location. I have even used the lid and bottom board when capturing a swarm that does not require the use of the vacuum. Again, it allows you to drop that swarm into a regular hive body and then you are able to strap all the boxes together. This makes transporting your swarm very simple and very easy. Just pick them up and go. Once you are back in the bee yard, the transfer is made super easy!

C. P. North

Texas, CrossRoad Farm

star-onstar-onstar-onstar-onstar-on I love my bee vac. It works just as they said it would and you lose very few bees in the vac process. Great product.

Dennis Teel

Wapello, IA

star-onstar-onstar-onstar-onstar-on I used my new Bushkill BeeVac for two cut-outs this week. It worked so well, I wish I had bought it earlier. This is my first time using a vacuum for bees so I can’t compare it to others out there, but I can say this for sure… I can’t imagine there being a better quality or easier to use product on the market. The Bushkill BeeVac is so simple to use, handy to transport bees to their new home, and greatly reduces the effort and grief of doing a cut-out. It has proven to be worth every penny it cost.


Marion, Illinois

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