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  1. Ursula zorika

    Just loved both beekeeping workshops. Was attracted to beekeeping because my little farm has a small organic veggie garden, fruit trees, elderberries, mulberries, blueberries, etc.. Plus I have lots and lots of flower gardens. Bees appeared to be the ne t logical step. After attending the workshops and being somewhat intimidTed, wondered if having someone else put a few hives here in return for a few pounds of honey would be a viable option?

    • Robo

      Hi Ursula,

      Glad you enjoyed the classes and sorry you found it somewhat intimidating, that was not the intent. We try to make sure folks understand keeping bees is no longer a given, but requires some knowledge and time. Too many folks get bees and have them die over winter and eventually give up. Our mission is to help people understand what they are getting into and provide support along the way so they become beekeepers for the long run. Remember, the BeeGroup is always there when you have a question or need help.


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