It has been five years since we built the first Bushkill Bee Vac. Hundreds of Bushkill Bee Vacs are in use by professionals and hobbyist, and are serving them well. Although the Bushkill Bee Vac is a superior design to any other bee vac on the market, we have made some improvements based on our experience and feedback from our users.
Our latest version has the following enhancements:

bypass Larger bypass-valve
As available vacuums become more powerful, it has become clear that the bypass-valve needs to be increased as well.
IMG_1023 Improved cut-out shim design
New plastic insert is easier to install and remove. It is also much more durable than a hardware cloth insert. Addition of center support also eliminates the possibilities of insert collapse from weight of clustered bees.
IMG_1019 Universal model supporting integrated and stand-alone vacuum
All vacs now ship with an integrated vacuum motor mount. An adapter plate is available to use with an external stand-alone wet/dry vac. You can start out using you existing shop vac and can upgrade to an integrated vacuum motor at a later time.